Fun With Plastics

makit bakit bib necklace

I like making things with kid’s craft supplies. They are meant to be played with so they make experimenting fun. Last week, I discovered a kit for making a bib necklace using a metal frame and plastic pellets. I remember using similar sets to make suncatchers as a kid. This sort of geometric style is very on trend, so I thought why not give it a go? The result is pictured above.

Lanvin Magic Clay

While I was in the craft aisle of the Dollarama, I discovered a Crayola Magic Clay kit. Magic Clay is a marshmallow-y compound that air dries into a solid substance. Since I am forever trying to craft a replacement disc for my Lanvin-esque D’Orlan Pendant necklace, I thought I’d give it a try. I choose purple in honour of Prince, who was supposed to be playing a secret show here in Toronto last Tuesday. I like the flatness of the surface, but I still think I’d like to make a wooden plaque as a permanent replacement.

shrinkydink necklace

And finally, I just rediscovered the jewelled shrinky dink necklace I made as a DIY project for Covet Garden.