2014 In Review: Jewels

aarikka necklace

It was a good year for jewel discoveries. My number one find has to be the Aarikka necklace I found at the Value Village. Finding it was a bit of serendipity as I had just blogged the day before about how I much wanted to find one of these amazing pieces. The necklace also brought me good fortune when I had to raise some funds (and fast) as was able to sell it quickly.

mayan mask

Getting my hands on a Mexican mixed metals necklace with a carved face was another item on my grail list and I finally found one (pictured above) that I could afford on eBay. And I found a Casa Maya style pendant (below) at the Junction Flea not long after.

casa maya style pendant

hermes horse ring

Another terrific find was the Hermès Tête de cheval (above) ring that I won in a lot at Waddington’s jewellery auction in the fall (I gave my horse-crazy niece Madison the ring for her 18th birthday).

cinnabar jade

Two much more modest finds are this faux cinnabar bangle (a thrift shop score) and jade saddle ring (from Chinatown). But I have worn them just about every day since August. They are my new signature pieces.