Art Part 2


As promised, here is the rest of my late 2014/early 2015 Art Haul — 3-D edition. The Krampus ornament above is by Rob Collinet. I traded it for an old novelty catalogue.

baule mask

On the subject of horned things, I found this Baule-style African mask at the Value Village. At least I think it’s African — one has to be wary of Indonesian reproductions. At any rate, it was probably created as a tourist or decorative piece, so it’s not super valuable or anything. I just like it.


Every year at Nuit Blanche, we like to get a piece of art. Usually these things are ephemeral, like my Yoko Ono Imagine Peace button or my Fastwürms/Instant Coffee silkscreened poster. This year we didn’t find anything. Well not until this weekend. On Sunday we went to the last day of ceramicist Clare Twomey’s installation “Piece by Piece” at the Gardiner Museum. Basically her work deals with issues of collections, value and production. In this exhibition — which kicked off as part of Nuit Blanche — she reproduced multiples of three figurines from the museum’s  Commedia Del’Arté porcelain figurine (originally made by Meissen in Germany) collection. Over the course of the show, ceramicists continued to make the figurines until the hall was filled with them. For the final part of the installation, the public was invited to take part in an intervention and liberate the figurines from the gallery.

So of course we had to nab at least two!