Freebie Friday: Salt and Pepper’s Here

salt and pepper shakers

More orange! More sidewalk finds! And an excuse to post a picture of my cat, Ronnie James Dio.

I found this set of unused, painted wood, made in Japan shakers in a Free box in Kensington Market. The free box system is a very refined local custom. People place their gently or never used items in a box so others may enjoy them. I myself used this method while downsizing because it saved me the time and bus fare required to take things to the thrift shops (And because I have a tendency to buy more things when I go to the thrift shop, it also keeps my hoarding in check).

I also like the way the orange pops against the cat’s fur. It also goes nicely with my recent Rosti finds and my weird wine bottle rack. Still, I will probably pass them on as I already have a gorgeous teak and brass set.