Freebie Friday: Found and Lost

found glove

Here’s a photo of one of a pair of Danier Leather gloves that I found a few weeks ago. They were lying in the road and I figured if I left them where they fell, they would be ruined. I put them on a fence and went about my business. On my return home I noted that they were still there. Then I remembered my friend Sarah van Exan’s adage about looking for lost objects: Everybody looks on the ground for things that may have fallen out of a pocket or purse, but well-meaning souls usually place them on fences or other higher places so that they won’t get stepped on. Sarah’s advice is to always look up when searching for something you dropped.

Anyway, I then brought the gloves home because I am a horrible person and I had lost a million pairs of mitts already this winter and my hands were cold. Eventually karma bit me in the behind and I lost these lovely leather handschuhe the day after I took this picture. That’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess.