The Wedding Present

tourmaline fringe

Before we got hitched, Mr. Andrew went to India to film a movie. He brought me back this beautiful silver necklace festooned with watermelon tourmaline as a present. It is one of my most treasured jewels, which means that I don’t wear it enough because I’m scared of injuring it. But last week, the crystals just called out to me.I wore it for three days straight and felt quite cool and collected.

I’m leaving on a long work trip tonight and I wish I could take this neckpiece with me to calm me down when I feel anxious. But I’m also trying to pack light as I’m going to a watch and jewellery trade show and I worry that if I wear too many bijoux, it’ll be a hassle at customs. Which makes me feel anxious. Instead I will gaze upon its beauty in picture form.