Freebie Friday: Rocks

windowsill rock collection

I’m going to Germany and Switzerland on a business trip next Tuesday. I’ll be staying in Freiberg, one of my ancestral family homelands — my great-grandfather Adam Rominger’s family was from this town in Baden-Wurtemberg. Although Adam was born in Canada, his brothers and sisters all originated in Freiberg. My plan is to bring a nice rock back from the old country.

When I was 10, we went to Newfoundland to visit my grandparents. When it came time to leave, my mom told me to pack by suitcase. The only problem was that I had collected so many rocks that they wouldn’t fit into my bag. So I ditched my clothes and packed my minerals. Unfortunately the weight of my bag tipped my mother off and my rocks were left behind.

Rocks are my favourite souvenir. They literally are bringing back a piece of the place you have visited. When you are travelling for work and you don’t have time to shop for souvenirs, the earth is open 24-7. And they are free, which is nice. Above is a small selection of my collection of rocks from my travels. There are stones from Italy, Scotland, Newfoundland, the Leslie Spit and Lake Huron. There are also a couple of geological samples mixed in because I love rocks in general. Oh, and a model of the Concorde, a little dish my niece Sarah made me when she was like eight and a piece of chandelier crystal.