Undone Do-over

olds honda found art pendant

The packing up continues. We have to be out of here on July 28th but the good news is that we have finally found our next place (more later once all the legal documents have been signed). But looking at the new floorplan has made me realize that there is still so much more downsizing to be done.

So I continue rooting through the basement, uncovering boxes and boxes of unfinished projects. Do you remember a fad from te 1990s where kids would steal the hood ornaments of off cars and turn them into medallions? Well here is a pendant project that’s been sitting in a box since that time. I didn’t steal these logos — I think I found them in the road — debris from a car crash I suspect. And instead of tossing them out, I’ve set them aside for in my to-do-over box. Because as a kid the closest I ever came to having a nickname was Honda. And I am Olds.

I will never, ever learn.