Omega Museum

kennedy watch

Swizterland is the land of watches so of course I was in horology nerd heaven when we went to the Omega Watch Museum in Bien. Here’s a quick slide show of some of the cool timepieces we saw.

Above is John F. Kennedy’s Ultra-thin Omega which I recently wrote about in DuJour. It was even more amazing to see it in person.

omega museum

Omega has always been associated with time keeping in sport. Here’s a cool retro photo finish contraption.

Omega Museum 2

There was also a lot of cool artifacts from Omega’s long association with space exploration.

omega museum stairwell

Omega at Omega Museum

And here’s a photo of Mr. Andrew’s Omega Dynamic at the Museum. A side note, every time I showed someone from Omega the Dynamic they would always say “Ah, the infamous Omega Dynamic.” I asked the curaotr at the museum a bit about it. It turns out that while the Omega head office is in Bien, they used to also have a manufactory in Geneva. It was a place where they produced more design forward pieces, like the Dynamic line, which was designed to focus on ergonomics.