Midweek Modness: Hans Agne Jakobsson Pendant Lamp

jacobsson lamp

Mr Andrew and I purchased this lamp a million years ago from a little shop on Queen West. At the time, the shop owner told us it was “a Jakobsson lamp. At the time, my knowledge of mid century designers wasn;t as vast as it is now (and even now, I would only call my self a somewhat educated amateur). So I assumed he was talking about Arne Jacobsen.

As part of my repair regimin, I took the lamp in to be repaired (it had gotten banged around quite a bit in the old place). under a decade and a half of dust, there was a label that I had never noticed before.

jakobssen lamp label

It read: AB Ellyset. Which turns out to be a company that Swedish designer Hans Agne Jakobsson worked for. Which makes so much more sense because our lamp doesn’t look very Arne.

So I repaired the lamp and fixed the story at the same time.