Battery Powered


I am guilty of being a watch snob. I prefer mechanical watches over their quartz counterparts. Still, I have a lot of battery-powered timepieces that I’ve for sentimental or other reasons. As part of the never-ending downsizing exercise I have resolved to get rid of things I don’t use. Which meant that the quartz watches I wanted to keep needed batteries to be useful. May I present to you my now-working 1993 Timex Indiglo. I got it as a gift when they launched the Indiglo in Canada. It’s a classic design and the glow still works. I’ve been having a lot of fun wearing it again.

blue jays watch

Before Baseball season started, my friend Guy was clearing out his watch collection and he gave me this 1990s-era Lorus Blue Jays watch. I think reactivating it is the reason why the Jays have clinched the American League Division title. I think if I keep wearing it, the Jays will win the World Series.

pop swatch

My pal Jessica told me that the Swatch boutique at the Eaton Centre replaced batteries for free. So I took three timepieces — my dad’s Yamaha Racer (below), my 1993 Point Pop Swatch (above) and the White Writing from 1994 — in for refreshment. They also gave the crystals a buff and replaced the missing loops on the Racer and the Writing.

1985 Swatch Yamaha Racer

Here’s a link to an old image of the Racer and the Writing to show you what a dramatic difference the crystal polishing made.

Swatch 1994