imageI’m in Switzerland attending the big Baselworld watch convention. I’ll do a round up of my adventures when I get back, but bevaluate I’m not sure if I’ll have a lot of time to blog, I’m going to schedule a series of posts about recent and random thrift shop and sidewalk finds.

I’ll start with the sidewalk treasures. I spotted this rattan table at the corner of Dundas and Bloor. At the time I was too tired to even think about dragging it across the street to the subway station. plus it was missing it’s table top. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It literally haunted my dreams that night so I made a mental deal with myself that if it was still there the next day, I would bring it home.

And it was there. And I carried it home five blocks in the rain. It’s the perfect partner for my wicker throne chair — another sidewalk find.

image.jpegI also added to my curbside art collection. I was taking out the garbage on Tuesday when I saw this large, framed print in front of my next door neighbours’ house. It’s a reproduction of a painting by the Japanese American artist Tedashi Osamu. I like it’s springy pastel palette.