Glittering Prizes

As mentioned yesterday, I was in Indiana for a Zenith watch-related event last weekend (again, coverage is for another venue but I promise I’ll link to these stories when they are published). I once had a job writing questions for a NASCAR trivia game and I’ve had an itch to visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway ever since.

Zenith is a sponsor of the Sport Vintage Racing Association so not only did we get to watch a race or two, we also got to prowl around Pit Road and check out vintage cars. We also visited the Museum which housed all kinds of fashion and jewellery inspiration for me.

First of all, these amazing jewels! Imagine winning this cool crown? I also love how one driver’s wife turned her husband’s diamond-studded medals into a jewellery suite.

Secondly, these vintage coveralls have given me the idea that I shold update my denim jumpsuit with appliqué. I especially like the winged work on the suit on the right.