Midweek Modness: STP

imageWhen I was a kid in the seventies, I was obsessed with STP stickers. I put them on my bike, binders and Barbie cases.  This fascination faded away in my teens, had a brief reappearance in the grunge era and then went back into hibernation until the last couple of weeks (on account of my hanging out at racetracks).

STP is a motor oil brand from the 1950s (and is still in business today). According to Wikipedia, the name is derived from “Scientifically Treated Petroleum.” They also have a very simple, very cool logo that is forever imprinted in my memory. Probably because every other kid covet STP stickers as much as I did. We all watched  motor racing on the Wide World of Sports back in the day (because we only got six channels). Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out who designed the logo.


In Indianapolis last weekend, I saw a kid wearing a similar STP logo’d shirt like the one pictured above. And I became consumed with buying one at one of the many merch booths (no dice). I’ve also spent hours searching for a similar tee (no dice). So my only souvenir was a smashed penny to add to the collection.