Art of Shopping: Know Thy Selfie

fur coat rhonda

I’m  a little ambivalent about selfies. Partially because I’m no good at taking them. But they are a useful tool when it comes to shopping. I like to have little fashion shows to try out new clothing combinations. When you rediscover  a garment that’s already in your closet it sort of like scoring a new piece for free. I like to think that the money I save by not buying something can be put aside for an investment piece.  In reality, I still make too many impulse buys, but shopping my closet slows me down a little.

Selfies like these also help me remember what looks work (or don’t). For example, I’m forever buying Boho clothing and jewels because I love the textures and details like embroidery. But when I review selfies I realize that a more minimalist look suits me better. Having a photographic history gives you some perspective by letting you step back to assess your clothing choices. When I look back at my selfies, I realize that I have a handful of go to looks — pieces that I like because they give me confidence.

So next time I go shopping I can tell myself that “yes, we tried the polyester flower print t-shirt. It didn’t work so maybe put that exact same top back on the rack.”