King Cotton

imageThere’s a place in Kitchener called Len’s Mill Store. It’s mostly a fabric jobbers, with new old stock clothes and various remaindered curiousities. It has also been one of my favourite places to poke around in since I was in high school.

My mom and I walked over there last night. I found a dollar rack of 1980s cotton garments. There was a striped Le Tigre t-shirt, a turquoise top by a company called Windswept, and a Eddie Bauer burgundy mini skirt — exactly the kind of outfits I loved to wear on hot summer nights in high school. I only bought three things but I could have easily picked up more. I love the easy breezy, Japanese-y silhouettes of this particular era of 1980s design. But mostly I love the coolness of cotton — especially during sultry July weather.

PS. The swimming costume is neither cotton BR vintage, but I bought it at Len’s.


And here is a pair of baggy Thai pantaloons. Very airy to wear and again, the shape and black colour lends it a deconstructed   aesthetic which means that it works boho things as well as more modern tops and sweatshirts.

That is all.