Black Friday

etsy panel bracelets 1Black Friday — the annual post-American Thanksgiving shop-a-thon — has become a global phenomenon. And who am I to deny those who want to shop some fun finds?

If you head over to the Gracious Good on Etsy, you’ll discover all kinds of 20th century jewellery, fashions and accessories (like the panel bracelets pictured above).

blog d'0rlan.jpgOr how about this amazing necklace? It’s identical to the classic Lanvin model in every way except that it’s signed D’Orlan instead of Lanvin. This is not the first time I’ve come across a classic Lanvin design with the D’Orlan signature. I have a pendant that is the Lanvin monogram but signed D’Orlan.

etsy horn strand 1Also new to the shop is this Gerda Lynggaard Monies multistrand necklace. So if you want it, you better act fast before I change my mind.