Footwear Everywhere

blog oxfords

Like I said, I was trying not to get more shoes. But then I went out and got more shoes. I rationalized these vintage grey oxfords because all the outfits on my Pinterest board wish lists seem to be wearing them. I got these at the Value Village last week. They were missing one set of affordable skinny shoe strings. It took until today before I was able to locate a pair in a old timey convenience store.

blog topsidersI also got these deck shoes at the VV. I have place in my heart for a pair of mustard yellow topsiders that I wore to death in high school (my preppy punk phase). I think I’ve bought five versions of them in the last five years, trying to bring that feeling back. But this is the first pair that matches the colour.

This is a common pitfall when trying to build a perfect wardrobe. Sometimes you cave and buy something that’s not quite right instead of holding out for the exact thing you need. I don’t approve of this behaviour — even when thrifted it’s wasteful. Yet I do it all the time.

blog boots

I had no good reason to buy these booties. I have lots of booties. But they were 50 percent off at Public Butter (a very good second hand shop in Parkdale if you don’t know it), and they are very comfy and I don’t have any green booties (and I don’t have any self control).blog socksAnd finally the most elaborate pair of handknit socks that I have found yet. I had to do some darning, but they are so comfy to wear (although too thick to wear with any of my new shoes.

I suppose the next shoe-related post will have to be pictures of all the footwear that I need to purge to make room for these new acquisitions.