Pointing the Way

luciteI find hands fascinating. I can get lost for hours looking at pictures of the hands of artists such as Louise Bourgeois and Georgia O’Keefe and marvel at how gnarled and deft and beautiful they were. Their hands are storytellers.

I think dressing up is also form of expression. That’s why I love rings so much. Like watches, I feel unfinished if I leave the house with a few rings on. The lucite rings pictured at the top of the post are my most recent finds from a bag of jewellery from the Value Village. I love the reverse-carved ring because it sort of looks like a tattoo. I am now inspired to collect more of these clear baubles,  bring out my dremel tool and try my hand at this craft. I might start with a series of carvings of four-letter words as my message.

img_7375I also recently picked up these more minimalist rings (and the cushion-shaped bangle by Jacki Specktor) from a random textile shop on Bloor Street that was going out of business. Again, I want to engrave the square ring with some sort of message. Maybe something sweary because with the current cultural climate, cussing is all that I feel like doing.