All The Shoes

img_6817Why can’t I stop buying shoes. I mean, the jellies pictured above and the white rubber boots pictured below were on super sale at American Apparel because the store was closing down.

white rubber bootsAnd the soles of my second-hand Blundstones discombobulated. That’s the second second-hand pair or Blunnies that fell apart on me. So it speaks volumes about how comfortable these boots are that I went out and bought a third pair. New this time, so they are under warranty if they fall apart again. I have also made a promise (one that I have made before) to stop buying used shoes.

black blundstonesAnd while I was at Gravity Pope purchasing the Blundstones, I also picked up this pair of Clark’s Glick Darbys because they were on sale and they looked amazing with my grey flannel trousers.

Clarks  Glick Darby

I promise to use these new shoes for the greater good. I will march against injustice. I will walk instead of using cars or buses to cut down on my carbon footprint. And I will kick against all the pricks who are making the world a mean place.