Kitchener Thrift Shop Hop Part 1

blog KW THrift shop 4I was in KW visiting my mom last weekend. On the way in, I made a detour to the Value Village. I got a great group of finds (and I had 30 percent off) including these 10k gold hoops (and big hoops are happening right now) plus a pair of wavy bangles and a kooky gold and silver nameplate ring that reads Corinna.

(A side story: I was waiting for transit and playing with my finds when the bus suddenly came around the corner so I quickly gathered my loot and boarded. On the bus, I realized that the earrings weren’t in my purse. Luckily, the bus looped back and past my original stop. So I hopped off. And the hoops were still there, on the sidewalk. Good thing nobody walks in Kitchener Waterloo.)

blog KW THrift shop 5They all look good stacked with stuff I already have. And my chipped nail polish? That’s grunge revival.

blog KW THrift Shop Trish Yost 1On the way out of town, I made a quick stop at a charity shop around the corner from the bus terminal. It had a sign saying “Closing 50 percent off everything.” These two pottery pieces were in the window. With the discount they cost $4. They are signed Trish Yost. I couldn’t find any info about this artist, so I suspect that Trish was an enthusiastic amateur. Still, I found their eccentric shapes and confident designs very KW THrift Shop Trish Yost 2