1988 Vintage Fashion Ads: Mugler, Byblos and Gigli

Reading through vintage fashion magazines has got me wondering whatever happened to certain designers. In the 1980s, for example, Byblos was cool (Gianni Versace was head designer in the late ’70s and early ’80s). They still exist today, but there’s no buzz.

And Romeo Gigli was the next big thing in the late ’80s. And then, through personal and business monkeyshines, he faded away (although he started down the comeback trail with his FW 2013 collection.

The house of Mugler is also making a comeback — just without Thierry Mugler. IN the ’90s, his avant garde silhouettes were superceded by the sucess of his scents. The clothing label actually closed shop in 2003 and was renamed MUGLER when it was resurrected with Nichola Formichetti as Creative Director.

The above ads depict Byblos, Gigli and Mugler in their heydey