IMG_5372Thought it might be fun to share a typical/atypical day in the life, using Monday as an example.

I got up, fed the cat and answered emails, filed freelance stories and followed up on invoices until lunchtime. Then I hung out with Mr. Andrew for a bit before running out to mail Esty packages. After that, I decided to hit some Value Villages. At the store at Keel and Wilson, I scored a cute wooden bangle with a Japanese lady painted on it (it goes with bangles that I got in a Bunz trade and in a bag of broken jewellery (see above). And I also picked up a faux amber necklace (see below).

Blog necklace 1But the real mega find was this pair of Bjorn Weckstrom for Lapponia earrings (pictured below). I started sweating when I saw them in the showcase, I was so scared that someone else would claim them before the cashier came to unlock the case.

Blog Weckstrom 1

The reason I was up at Keele and Wilson was to get my nails done (I picked a pewter polish — you can see it in the photo with the bangles). While I was there I spontaneously decided to get eyelash extensions done too. They look good but feel weird.

blog vanity eyelashes

After my maintenance, I visited one more Value Village. I got a pair of silver, brutalist earrings (see below) that, if I hadn’t just picked up a pair of Wecktroms, would have been my find of the month.

IMG_5321They are still cool. As is this purse.

blog purse 1