Impulse Buys

imageDollar stores are my new weakness. I go in to buy something practical, then I spot something whimsical or nostalgic and then I can’t stop thinking about it and usually end up buying it three or four visits later.

It’s easy to find ways to justify buying this junk — for example, I picked up this duck face LED headlamp so I could read while travelling on dark buses. And it did come in handy on last weekend’s ride to New York and back.

And the Yo-Yo reminded me of one I got for Easter one year.

imageWhat I really didn’t need was this table top drum kit. It was a total impulse buy. I mean I always wanted a drum set but never had room for one, and this plastic pounder easily solved that problem (and it has been super fun to play, which either provides a burst of creativity to help my work or abets my procrastination from doing said work).

imageAnd then there’s just plain old psychological compulsion. I recently read an article in which a doctor posited that once you pick something up and imagine bringing it home, you start to think that you already own it. I ended up with this Winnie the Pooh key chain because it came in a Disney collectible mystery bags and I wanted the Tigger (there is also a hint of gambling compulsion happening here) and convinced myself that, although I have zero use for a keychain, a tigger doodad on my backpack was going to look so good.

The Pooh will have to do.