Planned Purchases

imageYesterday I wrote about impulsive indulgences. Today I wanted to talk about things that I actually went out of my way to invest in. Last weekend I was in New York for work and pleasure and part of my objective was to go to J.C. Penney to pick up a Timex x Peanuts Weekender watch. I couldn’t find a place in Canada that was carrying them and there seemed to be outrageous shipping and handling costs involved with buying one online. Plus they were 20 percent off, which helped offset the exchange rate.

imageAnd while any trip to New York involves dropping in to a Flying Tiger store, this time I was on a mission to bring home this fist shaped planter/pencil holder/vessel thingy. It’s for my growing collection of hand-shaped tchotchkes.  I was also on the hunt for a LED light for Mr. Andrew but this location didn’t have them.