With the Band

imageLong story long. Back in February, I got a lovely little  vintage Rolex with a green dial. I didn’t expect to love so much but I did. and then I lost it.

Of course, I wasn’t lucky enough to find one like it again. Since I was also on the hunt for an Oris, when I found one on eBay with a green fumée dial, I had to bid, despite being a little wary of its authenticity.

I still don’t know if it’s a Frankenwatch or a redial or whatnot. But I’m enamoured of the dial. I didn’t love the black strap that it came with, so one of the things on my to get list was finding a tan leather replacement.

I hunted high and low for a week. The challenge wasn’t finding a nice strap, but finding one in the right size. I finally found this one at a dusty old appliance store on Yonge St. I think the tan looks lovely with the green.


Outfitting my existing watches helps satisfy my watch cravings whilst slowing  down my acquisition of more timepieces. I also got old greenie a new house — a tire-shaped, Oris-branded case that I got at the Value Village ages ago. I had been keeping my Parnis (another online watch gamble) in it, but I made that timepiece a DIY casket.