Year in Review: Designer Jewels

007B5AEE-2F87-4491-AC05-7A7D167EA4EAI also amassed a few great examples of bijoux by some big names in jewelry design.

1. The number one, non-thrifted piece is this Hermès magnifying glass (pictured above) which I have been wearing as a pendant.

2. The Messika Move pendant (pictured below) was originally a keyfob that I attached a chain to.



I also lucked out with a bunch of eBay buys (clockwise from top right:

3. to 8. An Elsa Peretti for Halston “Bean” perfume locket ; a de Passille-Sylvestre “Mermaid” pendant; a Robert Darveau necklace; a Penti Saarpeneva piece; an enemelled Bernie Chaudron creature; and a Wille-Frey collar.


9. and 10. And from the MoMA store in NYC, a turquoise and silver ring by German designer Saskia Diez and a pearl and gold “Bunny” ring by Japanese jeweller Simmon Sato.