Watch Hunt

5443AACA-D6F7-4C58-ADA3-3553724FC3E9Last weekend I went on a watch hunt. A very successful watch hunt. We’ll successful-ish. I will explain.

A40C20C4-7CC5-41A1-818B-643E5C3F5EB3First I got the Swatch “Snow Collage” watch from 1992 (pictured above, far left) in a bag of broken jewelry from Value Village. I put a fresh battery in and it worked. I took a picture of it with some other vintage swatches from my collection I planned a blog post about the find. And then the strap broke (a common occurrence amongst old straps with printing on them).

B1FDA1F9-8DF0-48EC-BBC7-9C3B9735436EAll is not lost, though. I harvested a strap from a non-working Swatch so it’s functional at least.

CCF2D254-620B-4BC8-8E8B-CA35CFD4BB7EA sold win: This Timex dice watch with a pulsimeter bezel. I got it at the St. Lawrence Antique Market last Sunday. I had one before, sold it and sort of regretted it. It works and the dealer threw in the old new stock leather strap for free. So five bucks in total.

Two more $5 watches — a Bucherer and a cosmetically gorgeous military watch. Unfortunately neither are runners. I am weighing whether it’s worth it to have them fixed. I think it probably is.

FECEEE61-6F2F-46C8-B931-722348125A58And finally, a lucite Gucci from the 1970s. It’s missing it’s plastic bracelet but it’s working and looks okay on this leather, run-through strap. My goal is to find a Gucci red and green band for it. It joins the Gucci gang (pictured up top). At $20, it’s a semi win.

DC697EB8-C64D-41CF-B5EE-3E318DB0DEB4Two more non-starters: a Solar (Eaton’s in-house brand) and an Enicar. Probably not worth fixing up..