Wind Ups

B266BF68-ACDF-44F4-96AD-43150DF6908EOne of the neat things about hunting for watches is meeting fellow hunters and collecting some of their stories. Like, last weekend I visited a dealer I met via Instagram. He specializes more in memorabilia and housewares and if I had more money I would buy a second house and furnish it with his artefacts.

We had a nice conversation and it seems like he finds and sells most of his treasures through research and connections. But sometimes he will buy up a whole estate or storage space and find things like watches that aren’t maybe his area of expertise.

He let me dig through a giant pickle jar full of timepieces. I took away a bunch of watches to fix up, harvest for parts, including this quartet of 1970s-era Korean and Chinese mechanical timepieces.

FC4F0882-6C61-44C2-B9EB-63464A0F2CB0I also scored two, cool automatic watches, including the over-the-top Mondaine with red rhinestone hour markers, a funky textured, silver dial and a shiny gold case. I took the gold chain bracelet off of another watch to make it even more baller!

E9D4FC95-2386-4045-961F-D96A0C6EE85DAnd then there’s this 1967, stainless steel Seiko chunk of funk. It’s a little dirty in this pic, but it really has a clean classic look feels like a keeper.

Anyway, I’m grateful that through Instagram and other social platforms I’ve been able to meet some cool new people (and find some cool new watches). I hope that I can contribute to the community by sharing some of my knowledge as well.