DC1CA95E-9684-46F8-9041-4AF70634B8A7Got a few, made in Mexico pieces this past week. I love the  skills and traditions of Mexican silversmiths and other jewelry makers and I love the fact that these artists are gaining recognition (although the popularity of these pieces makes it more difficult to find great examples— heck any samples — at thrift shops and antique shops).

52FA3CE0-5A1A-4363-9B0B-553BE5A07A7CWhich is why I’m a little surprised to have found four amazing pieces this past week! First find was this Precolumbian-style pin for nd at the Value Village. The brooch is convertible, and can be worn on a necklace.

C5DEB4B9-06E3-4B54-98F1-2B41B4C0B61EThen my friend Becky gave me the adorable parrot earrings pictured up top. So simple. So cute.

I hit the main vein of Mexican finds at the St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market on Sunday. Above is a mixed metal and dyed onyx neckpiece that was only $5. It looks like it has been restored a little and is probably worth being  restored a little more. In the meantime, it is fun to wear as is.

7DC3FDAA-05B3-461D-BDA6-C2DD7116AFD1And finally, I also got this chunky chain bracelet at the St. Lawrence Market. It has Taxco silver marks, although I shall have to test it to be sure as there are lots of fakes sold to tourists.