B8CFE9F7-7AB5-4859-BA65-ECF9A656FD4DAmongst my many finds last week were some examples of Made-In-Canada jewels, beginning with this gorgeous gilt Bond Boyd Sterling flowery scroll necklace. The first Bond Boyd piece I ever owned (and I still have it) was a Pritchett Plant (provincial flower of Newfoundland and Labrador) pin and earring set that I believe my grandmother gave to my Ontario-born mother and that me mom later gave to me.

I love this one because the necklace length is about 18 inches. Most of the Bond Boyd necklaces that I’ve come across are choker length which, well, chokes me.

BD2B8674-7C53-440E-9705-53F9E9FA1E08.jpegOn Sunday at the St. Lawrence Market, I also picked up this lovely, abstract enamel by Gervais.

7DC3FDAA-05B3-461D-BDA6-C2DD7116AFD1And once again, here’s a magnificent Mid Century brushed sterling silver with starbursts bracelet, it signed with a B inside a hexagon. This is the mark of Toronto-based jewelry manufacturers Burkhardt Jewellers of Toronto. I come across this mark a lot. The company was founded in 1953 and appear to have been in business until the 1990s. It is said that the made a lot of things for Birks as well and some times items that bear this mark were made by the blue box firm.