Leather Petals

ED479D0E-3537-405B-9A0F-0A7973361423I’m a little obsessed with these little leather flower pins from the 1970s. It’s a passion fuelled in part by nostalgia — when I was a kid my parents would take us to Aberfoyle (a tiny town outside of Guelph, Ontario) where lots of hippies sold handcrafted jewelry like this.

E664A6BB-BF5E-4D3C-9AB1-7E1BA1B1A823They are also just plain pretty!

These brooches were also popular tourist pieces depicting the provincial flowers of Canada. I mostly come across trilliums (Ontario’s official flower). One caveat to this kind of collection is that leather dries out with age so many of the blooms that I find are cracked and in need of repair. I used to buy them and try and repair those wounded flowers but now I put them back.