A0A67A84-D9CC-4E62-9835-9DB5B5823FD2I have a lot of Swatches, but that has never stopped me from wanting more. In fact, I acquired a new (from 1994) one (above left) just last week at the same Value Village trip where I bought the Victorian bookchain necklace and the baroque patterned blazer.

7818E8C6-0634-4654-9B22-A68A545671FCYesterday I took it and my faithful pink Pop Swatch to the Swatch kiosk in the Eaton Centre to get new batteries and I espied this timepiece that looks like a drawing. I want it sooooooo much. Especially because it looks sort of like the watches I’ve been sketching.


But then again, too many Swatches. Here’s another one I was randomly wearing on the weekend.