Taking My Shod

99214588-D26C-4B9F-A589-C11C0474E608I have a complicated relationship with shoes. In my ideal world, I would be barefoot all the time. But as they say, no shirt, no shoes, no service—society demands that I be shod.

I do admire the architecture of footwear and am often attracted to the most outlandish shoes. Like these feather red slides that I got at the Dollarama last week. They are red and amazing and I love them even if they don’t love me back.

That’s because I’m cheap, and I’ll often buy pumps and mules that are too small or too big just because they are a bargain. or I’ll get second hand shoes that have wear patterns that throw off my gait.

Decades of bad shoe decisions has led to some painful and chronic foot troubles. Basically, I’ve been told that I should only wear sensible footwear and always with socks. I rarely heed this advice.

Ever since I hit 50, however, my body has been rebelling against my cruel shoes by sending all kinds of aches and pains. So I am trying to get on the right foot by getting rid of any shoes that cause me discomfort.

F38A69E3-A186-4392-918F-CCC3D0ED7D28So I am making a vow to not buy used shoes and to only purchase practical footwear moving forward. I ordered these  very sensible Sperry loafers and topsides last weekend. They arrived today. They are also nostalgia shoes as they were my favourite type of shoe in High School (that and my black Converse high tops with skulls printed on them but I can’t wear Converse any more because they have no arch support). I wore them until they were basically held together with Duct tape, which probably defeats the point of their practicality.

1ABE3BD4-8E89-4149-B38B-C1DBE4E26F5EOh well, baby steps.