A Tale of Woe

7719B0B3-B097-413C-B5DA-381706521842A car ran over my favourite Pop Swatch on the weekend. I was on my way to meet Mr. Andrew and his family in Yorkville and he was texting me with their coordinates. I sat down on a bench to message because I didn’t want to be that jerk who walks distractedly down the sidewalk while on their phone. While I was waiting for a reply I remembered that I hadn’t reset this watch since we were in Winnipeg so I might as well adjust it while I was sat down.

Now Pop Swatches get their name because they “pop” into a clip that either slides onto a fabric strap or your t-shirt. This totally made sense in the 1980s.

To reset the watch, I had to take it out of its clip. I guess I didn’t know my own strength and the watch launched straight out onto the sideway, where it rolled like a coin some distance before hopping the curb and finally onto Bay Street.

I chased it. A TTC employee also tried to help me catch it. It finally stopped rolling just as a car approached. We tried to wave  to the driver to get them to stop but it slowly drove right over it.

The end.