Farewell Flea

3967D0CF-91CF-4AC9-926B-0F287E5E50BAThe Weston Flea, one of the weirdest, most wonderful places in Toronto is closing at the end of the month. So I went last weekend to pay my respects and possibly pick up some treasures.

39971272-E471-4FDE-B6AB-A0BE18BFCD1FI first heard of it through our friend Darren O’Donnell who was captivated by the odd collection of stalls selling off brand underwear and fragrances. He even did a Nuit Blanche installation based on its offerings.

C6252FC2-B363-44BB-BF01-7F39400783EFThere are other fleas across the GTA, but this one was the only one I knew of where you could by knock-off Gucci Watches, get your nails done, get your hair braided, have your portrait sketched and eat pupusas, pho and pakoras under one roof.

395D7A68-AF2D-4114-B882-090785801388My favourite finds from the Weston Flea were a Vivienne Westwood top from a booth that sold second hand clothing and an original artwork by the Painters Eleven artist Tom Hodgson.

75351477-9C98-4123-AAEB-6D8B2997FD49On this last trip, a lot of the stalls had already shuttered but I was happy that my fave watch guy was still there. I had to buy this new old stock Casio G-Shock From 2008 as a tribute.