Jewel Tones

D144D848-DD8F-477D-9D02-FA1950C7F3A4It’s been a hectic week so I haven’t had much time for extracurricular such as writing blog posts and going outside. I don’t mind too much because it’s been so snowy and cold that I don’t really feel like braving the elements. But I do have a lot of things that I wish I had the bandwidth to share.

Hopefully I can catch up on the weekend. But in the meantime here’s some photos of relatively recent finds that I haven’t shared yet. The first is a simple silver and gold emerald stacking ring that I probably paid too much for (but I like it and have been wearing it every day, so let’s call it a wash.

E2E8A47A-FA25-4211-A5BA-3BEDDBED3916The second is a vintage Napier collar necklace. I’d date it to the 1980s. At first I thought it was very well worn because the gold wasn’t shiny and the red stones had a lot of white on them. I bought it anyway and when I got it home discovered that it’s beauty was simply hidden under layers of transferred foundation—another sign that it came from the golden age of helmet hair and super thick makeup (see below).

93C5E634-74E4-4209-A7C9-61D872590308The good news is that the 30-plus year old goop seems to have preserved this necklace.