I Found An Art: Annie Tukallak Bird

3FCB416C-7416-468D-BC00-27BAAEAD93FEIt’s been a while since I’ve been on a good thrift safari. There all kinds of reasons why: busy with work, achey knee, trying to not spend money/acquire new things (I have a whole house full of things I got to sell on Etsy that I haven’t even listed yet.

But I still can’t fight the siren song of a good dig through the racks at a thrift shop. Plus I was getting a little stir crazy. So I went out for a hunt on the weekend.

03757FFC-9DE4-4A65-9AE6-EF2631EEA495My number one find was this carving of a bird by Annie Tukallak (ᐊᓂ ᑐᑲᓪᓗᒃ). Tukallak was born in Sanikiluaq , Belcher Islands in 1949. Her best known pieces are coiled grass baskets topped with stone carvings.

8CBCA8C8-079F-4FCD-A228-F6E9EAD91014I love the streamlined grace of this little water fowl. and though I can never understand how such a beautiful sculpture ended up at the Value Village, I am still happy to be able to hold this in my hands.