Space Race

15080C48-7CC3-4545-B229-6F78C5FC6B35Last week, my friend Katya found a treasure trove of mid century modern windup watches at the Value Village last week. We’re talking swinging 1960s timepieces in excellent condition. If I wasn’t so broke, I would have bought the whole lot off her. She has listed some in her Etsy shop Scandimania — I urge you to follow her there.

But being broke didn’t stop me from going to the VV to see if there weren’t a few of these retro future babies that got left behind. And guess what? There was. And I foolishly bought them because I’m a sucker for space age watches. One is a plastic monobloc Made in France De Lubin cased model by Manoël Bouchet. It looks kind of like a fried egg. The other signed Fashiontime Swiss and has a bit of a Pierre Cardin Espace vibe.  They are both working and keeping decent time.

I also got a 2000 Swatch Skin Watch because it was $3.