The Skin I’m In

B17CFDA8-CF90-4031-8167-E2C9BD31F657Our house is very dry. Which means our skin is very dry. Even the poor cat is plagued by dandruff despite the supplements and brushings.

D8BFE21A-C101-44CC-9FFC-5C732F2409D0Last year, whilst travelling, I came across two products that really saved my skin — Tony MoleyPeach Hand Cream and Raven Creek FarmBeeswax Lip Balm. I have been unable to source them here in Toronto, but then I remembered that that’s what the internet is for.


Anyway, the refills arrived yesterday (and the hand cream came with a free lip tint) and I am already fifty percent less wrinkly and itchy (compare the top, after picture with the middle, before photo). Now I just gotta work on getting a good face cream!

An aside, the middle picture is of my birthday watch, which alas, arrived with a broken lug. Fortunately it can be fixed but I am more than bummed that I can’t wear it.