Looking for Clothes


I have not bought any garments in over a month. This is a record. And not just because I was hobbled by my knee surgery. I spent many sleepless night looking at online sales. And I did buy a watch on eBay. But I never pulled the trigger on clothing.

I’ve also lost a little weight and can now fit into some sweaters and skirts that I had earmarked for BUNZ trading. So there’s some fun in shopping my closet. But this period of restraint has made me think carefully about what is lacking in my wardrobe.

So when it’s time to buy, these are the things I want. Up top is a simple tunic from Uniqlo U. Basic, black and shapeless — just like my heart.

For my more bohemian side, I like these Anna Sui for Uniqlo pieces.
B3CAE8DB-2BF9-4A96-AAE8-060EDF634FECI also want this plaid popover from Old Navy because I saw a picture of a woman wearing a similar flannel with a cape (and pants) and I think it would work wonderfully with my Uniqlo x Lemaire cape that I never wear enough because I am lacking the perfect plaid pullover.

And I dig the palette of these Old Navy velvet pants and this flouncy top. I’ve had a pair of similar trousers on my Pinterest boards forever. Except they have polka dots. I am of a disposition to paint some spots on these.

A1C06EA8-A3AB-4562-AD18-6AA64DEE0566The pink shirt and these blue pinstripe pants are examples of things I buy over and over again. The top because I have worn the previous versions until they were holey. The pants because every other pair I bought on sale and they never fit quite right and I traded or donated them and then regretted it.

The only missing piece for spring is a long, cocoony coat. My friend Tiffany has an excellent one that she got from H&M last year and I am very envious of it. But I also have jackets galore and can live without one more. Also, I am set for life when it comes to shoes.