Fine Finds

E4E90630-8D4A-475D-856D-A1058D86D181As the weather gets nicer, I’ve been spending more time outside. Which means more sidewalk finds. I have become more particular about what I bring home as I too am trying to get rid of things (we’ve also been leaving filling a curb side free box with things we don’t need). But is did come across three useful finds this week.

The best discovery is this brutalist bedside table. I have been wanting a proper bed stand since we moved (we’ve been using chairs for the last five years). This one looks to be homemade, and is build from solid wood with mortice and tenon joinery and a lovely, figured veneer. I was out on Wednesday morning to take out the trash and rescued it from the garbage truck.

A6C25E7D-E2BA-47DD-BFEF-44BD50061B36On Tuesday I had to venture downtown for a dentist appointment and a blood donation. On the streetcar ride home, I was bothered by two passengers who were not following social distancing or wearing masks. They were also spouting the most hare-brained conspiracy theories. I had to get off the transit before I bopped them over the head.

And as luck would have it, lying in a pile of abandoned kitchen wares was a cast iron skillet — a favourite cartoon tool for conking noggins with! I brought it home for Mr. Andrew to use in his culinary experiments (ie making pan pizza or bread).

Finally I picked up this celadon green bud vase. It’s marked Japan on the bottom which indicates that it is a 20th century export piece. As far as I know, celadon glazes are more of a Chinese or Korean thing. I don’t think it’s particularly valuable but it sure is pretty.