Peek A Boo

930365E5-7196-49AC-AAD5-255F01FD520FI woke up in the middle of the night with a vision of a necklace that I wanted to make. And a plan of how to make it with ingredients I happen to have on hand.

My inspirations were watching old episodes of Brooklyn 99 where the detectives wear their badges on ball chain around their neck and watching Tricia and Katya on YouTube. Katya is always rocking some eyeball or hand shaped thing (or gloves with eyeballs on them, a look which I have already appropriated).

E275902C-CDB9-4BBA-BE79-6FDE93E655B9I got out of bed, headed to my craft supply box and started sewing bits of felt into an evil eye type protection  talisman and hung it off some ball chain (I have a box of it left over from a long-ago Covet Garden workshop). I added a ball chain fringe for fun.

It took about two hours to make. I think I might try a rainbow version for Pride.