Wishlist Two


I found a few more things I really want to find under my non-existent tree. I managed to avoid cyber Monday sales but I can feel the need for newness building up inside me. Here are few more objects of my desire (clickwise from top right):

  1. Jonah Hill for Adidas Chinos. My XbyO by Adidas joggers are the best cut pants I own. I have an unsubstantiated feeling that these pants would be equally as flattering. I would gladly throw out most of my trousers to make room for these. Alas, I lack discretionary funding at the moment.
  2. Vintage Charles Jourdan “Reverso” watch. I came across this beauty whilst researching a story about designer fashion watches. It’s pretty and accessibly priced but again, I have no need for another Watch and I lack discretionary funding at the moment.
  3. Grand Tour Collection Cameo ring. This keeps popping up on my social media timelines. If there’s anything I need less than pants and watches it’s rings.
  4. 1999 Beauty kit. I am lacking in the makeup department. This collection is the creation of a former colleague, Simone Otis. And it’s as simple makeup regimen that even a lazy lady like me can master. But because I don’t get out much, I can probably hold off on this potential purchase until January when hopefully I’ll have more discretionary funds.
  5. Nike Air Footscapes. My best ever sneakers were a pair of Footscapes that I bought in Singapore. I found a picture of these long gone running shoes which led me to the discovery that a revamped version of this now heritage shoe was introduced last year. Good running shoes seem like a sensible investment for someone who has a lot of foot issues. Someone like me. I think you could even consider such a purchase essential.