Do As I Say


Life experiences have taught me many things about the care and maintainence of things. It’s important to treat your clothes and jewelry well because they will last longer. Which means less waste which is better for the environment and makes you a better person.

One of the first bits of advice I like to give is to take your jewels off before you go to bed. I even have special objects like a ring holder and little bowl designed to recieve my precious objects so I don’t lose them on the mess that is the top of my dresser. But I don’t always follow my own edicts. In this month alone, I’ve lost an earring (luckily I found it while sweeping the floors) and broken two necklaces in bed. I guess I’ve been a restless sleeper lately.

Another good reason to take off your jewelry at night is too keep it from getting dirty. Oils and acids from your skin can cause silver to tarnish or corrode base metals. I drew a picture of my fancy Grace Eu Min Lee ringholder and Inspirations Studio dish to remind me to practice what I preach. I also drew a picture because there are so few hours of sunlight that taking photos is a challenge.