The Concept


I’ve had a few crafting concepts floating around in my head that I’ve been slowly crossing off my to do list. Mostly embroidered gloves but also an idea of making a beanie with a veil that was inspired by a Mary Ellen Mark photo from the 1980s. I am aiming for original ideas but every time I finish a project, internet algorithms reveal that someone had already done it, usually years before.


I do not want to rip off somebody else’s creation, and I tried to research these ideas before I made these gloves and toques. But suddenly Marni’s fingernail gloves and Jil Sander’s veiled toque popped up on my Pinterest recommendations as soon as I finished embroidering them. As far as I can tell the lightning bolt fingers haven’t been done before but I’m sure I’ll see an ad on my Instagram timeline as soon as I hit publish on this post.


I guess what will prevent me from being sued is that I’m not trying to sell them and that no one will mistake my dollar store materials and homely execution for the real thing. For my next trick, I shall attempt to make a needlepoint knock off of a luxury watch. Although I’m pretty sure that’s been done before too.