Head On


Dollarama has provided most of my headgear this winter. So I thought I’d pay tribute to some of my favourite frugal finds before spring hits. I’ll begin with my most recent purchase — a pair of heart-shaped ear muffs that I bought during last week’s cold snap. I needed to get some mailing supplies and until today, most retail outlets were still under lockdown. Dollarama is exempted because they also sell groceries. Even with a hat and a mask on, my poor little ears felt so frozen that I feared they might snap off. Lucky for me that Dollarama had one pair of leftover Valentine ear muffs for sale. Everything heart-shaped is cool by me, but the earmuffs also helped with the fit of my mask (a nice present from Hublot to commemorate their collaboration with the artist Takashi Murakami.


Dollarama has been also selling a variety of padded, Amanda Gormanesque headbands, and I pick them up whenever I see them (which is not that often because I try to limit shopping excursions and they don’t always have these hair accessories. But in my last trip, I found this polka – dotted version.


And finally I found this post shampoo head wrap. I used to have a plain white one. I used it faithfully for ten or more years but eventually it gave up their ghost. At the time I was unable to find a replacement. Until now.

I like the tie dye effect on this variant. If I had one comment it would be that my hair is a little too long for this size.