Birthday Party


It was my birthday on Thursday. Last week, whilst under the spell of COVID and polar vortex cabin fever, I indulged in a little online shopping in the guise of buying myself a Lille birthday present or four. I blame capitalism because Joe Fresh sent an email offering a birthday discount. And I further rationalized my consumerism by telling myself that I could use the President’s Choice points earned with my purchases to buy groceries.

Anyway, the new duds arrived in time for my birthday. I haven’t had time to model them all yet, but so far I’m very satisfied (I’ve also been going through my wardrobe looking for things that I could alter as opposed to buying new things) and I would say that half of my online buys have been let downs — mostly for fit issues.

Pictured above is a corduroy wrap jacket and a corduroy cotton blouse with a “Little House On The Prairie” mini floral pattern. The blazer is Joe Fresh, the shirt is Old Navy. I also bought a flannel buffalo check shirt dress and a button up denim skirt. I envision these pieces as things I can wear all spring.

Now I just have to go through my closet to select which pieces will have to be rehomed. You know, because of my strict on in/two out policy. I keep saying that I’m going to try to sell my previously enjoyed garments on PoshmarK so maybe this weekend is the time. Just because I’m another year older it doesn’t mean I can’t learn a new side hustle. We’ve been watching various depressing documentaries about British grannies selling their tea services on the street after WWII and in the 1970s. I don’t think our situation Is close to being that dire (I did just buy a bunch of new clothes), but I’m not just going to throw the old ones in the trash either. I will either alter, trade or sell.