To Do List


Since Ontario is moving into a bad place. COVID-19 cases keep going up. The government keeps making ill-considering lockdown rules (stay inside but don’t give people paid sick days). Everyone feels frustrated. Some days it feels better to stay in an hibernate. I mean, we don’t need the government to tell us to limit non-essential travel and wear a mask to protect our fellow humans. But really I’m staying out these days because everHone and everything is triggering.

Since I’m grounded I thought I’d tackle some of the many unfinished projects on my to-do list. Not housecleaning or gardening mind you, put repairs and concepts that are taking up room on my work table. Today I finished two things. I bought this Ulla Johnson top two years ago. It was drastically reduced because the tassels were tangled and broken. I tried some half-baked fixes before but they never felt finished. With my newfound crochet skills I felt confident that I could restore the ties. I think I pulled it off (though only a wear and a wash will tell).


I also had an idea to frame this Matt Darling “Anxiety Ghost” patch. I ordered a frame for it and everything. Back in the pre-Pandemic era even. Today I finally put the two together and hung it up on the wall. Little accomplishments still count.