Side Piece

I sold the chairs we had been using as bedside tables as they were never quite as useful as we needed them to be. I temporarily replaced mine with a one of the vintage fibreglass chairs we use when people come over for dinner but it was an even worse solution. Then on Monday, as I was late night scrolling the PALZ swapping Facebook group, I spotted a trade for this powder coated metal IKEA Andy drawer.

It was the solution I didn’t know I was looking for. First of all it’s on wheels so I can access our under bed storage. Secondly, because it’s red and IKEA, it matches my retro bed light. Thirdly, it offers ample storage space for things that I had stashed in baskets and bags, but the mesh construction lets me see what’s in each drawer without having to open them.

The top drawer is dedicated to headbands, Kerchiefs, turbans and hair-related accessories. The middle drawer is home to dolls and other toys. And the bottom tier contains scarves, scarves and more scarves.

I sent a picture of the unit in place to the person I traded with. They replied “it looks like it’s always been there.” I think that sums up my feelings exactly.